GRC Process Control

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About Course

SAP GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) Process Control is a software module developed by SAP that helps organizations establish and maintain effective internal controls for their business processes. It provides tools and functionalities to monitor, assess, and manage process-level risks and compliance requirements.

Here are the key aspects and features of SAP GRC Process Control:

  1. Risk Assessment: SAP GRC Process Control enables organizations to identify and assess risks associated with their business processes. It allows for the creation of risk libraries, risk assessments, and risk mitigation strategies. By evaluating process risks, organizations can prioritize their control efforts and focus on areas that require attention.
  2. Control Design and Documentation: The module supports the design and documentation of control frameworks and control libraries. Organizations can define control requirements, assign responsibility for control execution, and document control procedures. This helps in establishing a standardized and consistent control environment across the organization.
  3. Control Testing and Monitoring: SAP GRC Process Control provides capabilities to perform control testing and monitoring. It enables organizations to define control test plans, execute control tests, and capture the results. The module supports automated control testing as well as manual testing processes. Organizations can track control failures, investigate root causes, and take corrective actions to address control deficiencies.
  4. Compliance Management: SAP GRC Process Control helps organizations manage compliance with internal policies and external regulations. It provides functionalities to map control requirements to compliance frameworks and regulations. The module supports compliance assessments, compliance reporting, and the tracking of compliance issues. It helps organizations ensure that their business processes adhere to relevant laws, regulations, and internal policies.
  5. Issue and Remediation Management: In case of control failures or compliance issues, SAP GRC Process Control facilitates issue management and remediation. It allows organizations to document and track control deficiencies, assign responsibility for issue resolution, and monitor the progress of remediation activities. This helps in effectively addressing control gaps and ensuring the timely resolution of compliance issues.
  6. Reporting and Analytics: The module offers reporting and analytics capabilities to provide insights into the effectiveness of controls and the overall risk and compliance status. Organizations can generate predefined reports and dashboards to monitor control performance, track compliance metrics, and assess the overall control environment. These reports support decision-making and help organizations identify areas for improvement.

SAP GRC Process Control helps organizations establish a systematic approach to control design, testing, and monitoring, enabling them to proactively manage risks and ensure compliance with regulations and internal policies. It is widely used by organizations to strengthen their internal control frameworks and enhance governance and risk management processes.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand about the regulations, controls and audit process in general
  • Understand about the overview of Process control and system configuration
  • Understand how to update the master data in Process control
  • Understand how to perform Assessments and surveys
  • Understand in detail about the continuous control monitoring
  • Understand about the issues and remediation
  • Understand about the policy management

Course Content

Controls Overview

  • Understanding Regulations
  • Introduction to Controls.
  • Types of Controls
  • Audit process in General.

Introduction to GRC PC

Master Data

Assessment and Surveys

Continuous Control Monitoring

Issues and Remediation

Policy management

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